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of how it is the city processes payment and get them back out to contractors is an important issue for us. if you think about the prompt an issue, you can think about it in three parts: when it is that contractors submit invoices, we hear a lot about this; how long it takes for the city to process an invoice and finally the issue of when it is that contractors pass on payment to subcontractors after the receipt payment from the city. many recognize there is much to do in the first two phases of prop favorite, with has to do with how we get contractors to submit invoices in a quicker way. we have created an online system. the second portion with regard to processing in time the city already has a certain requirements around how quickly we are required to process payments for both construction contracts as well as professional services contract. there is a lot work to be done to track how well the city does to standardize; we count that time. and be able to report on that and see how we do. there are opportunities in those two faces.finally in the third area, with regards to how fast pri
. >> hi, my name is sharon, i'm the graffiti project manager for the city of edmonton, canada. for some of you weren't in my presentation earlier today i'll go through what the city of edmonton is doing in terms of programming but then go through auditing and what we do. capital city clean up brings cities together to create safe, clean inviting xhueplts and neighborhoods. our motto is a clean and safe edmonton is a shared responsibility and we work on the premise that we can't do it alone, that we need to work as partners with the community to create solutions to graffiti vandalism and litter enforcement. just a technical point, if any of you want to ask questions, they are recording the session so they would like you to speak into the microphone and if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask. when did capital city clean up start? it was launched in 2005 as a pilot program focused on litter reduction in the downtown of edmonton. basically businesses were asked to adopt a block in their area and were responsible for litter clean up in that area and the
the city and county of san francisco that clear picture of how the needs of these residents are being met and we are mindful of the fact that we are talking about an agency subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government. we know that the department of housing and urban development, hud, is conducting a nodded to see if the housing authority is comply with housing standards among other things. we know that a city we invest resources in redevelopment for instance housing authority property. one of the objectives of this review is simply to ensure that our partner, the housing authority, is in a strong financial position. and that the investments that the city is making a properly managed. the kind of review that i have in mind is a review that is consistent with how we as a board deal with the management and operations of various agencies. we as a board under our rules actually have a point of calling for different types of audits from time to time, including a management audit which under our rules as opposed to happen every eight years or so. and when we look at the issue of when
december the mta board this directed the staff to pursue this pagoda option. appreciate the work that city attorney and other city officials and the property owner have been working hard to make this option a reality. we do need to stay in a tight timeline driven by the mta's need to have extraction boxes ready in north beach when the tunnel boring arrives. if we don't get those negotiations done and move forward on these approvals in a timely manner this option will not be possible. that's why i request that. we do have the answers i believe to all the questions raised by commissioners sugaya and moore. is commissioner antonini stated the addendum was done and was thoroughly the seir and seis, the technical issues raised by savemuni.com i could say in all honesty a red herring. de-watering and water is a typical issue that has to be dealt with in any urban environment. the same engineering solution will be pursued in this location, using the location of the station and with a tunnel boring machine goes underground under -- and south of market neighborhood. that is my request. thank you.
>> deputy city attorney john givener again. in the closed session the committee decided to move item 15 to the full board with recommendation. >> thank you. so, is there -- would you like to make a motion to -- >> yes. i'd like to make a motion that we not disclose the discussion from closed session. >> without any objection, motion passes. madam clerk, are there any other items? >> no, mr. chair. the agenda is completed. >> so, meeting adjourned? meeting adjourned. [adjourned] >> hello, my name is jamie harper. in this episode, we are featuring the park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special. golden gate park's largest body of water is this lake, a popular spot for strolling and paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed foreboding and -- for boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flores. a pleasant trail follows the perimeter past huntington falls, 110 foot waterfall. two bridges connect the trail to the island. the climb to the hills summit, the h
city operations and neighborhood services committee. we have been joined by supervisor yee, eric mar is in route. we also have been joined by supervisor scott weiner, we want to thank the clerk of the committee derek evans and we want to thank the following members of the stgtv staff who are covering the meeting today. jessy larson and melokian and we also want to welcome the member of the public that are here and who are watching. >> make sure to silence all cell phones and device and complete the speaker cards and copies of any documents that are included to part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items today will appear on the february 29th agenda unless others stated. >> thank you and if you could call item number two, please? >> item number two is a hearing, calling on city agencies including the police department and district attorney's office to report about the increases in robberis on city streets and public transit. >> this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor weiner with my co-sponsor ship. >> thank you very much, there chairman and thank you for yo
building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million pe
, count on the city and a good budget, valerie, count on your attorney, valerie, good luck with your salary. valerie, count on the city and give it to this one, please. some budgets may be larger and some budgets may be small. and remember this one, go ask alice, i think she will know, when budget and proportions are getting small and we're going to fix it up now and you are going to make it all -- go ask alice and we're going to win . i have been done since you will be gone, and i hope don't know what went wrong. say it isn't true and don't it make your budget brown eyes -- and don't it make your budget brown eyes, don't it make your budget brown eyes blue, bring it back to you, please. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> anne lehman, director of policy at the department of status of women. i am less than halftime position and i having there for almost 20 years. i am here to tell you that you get a lot of bang for your buck when you have staff at department. we are a very small staff, but we're a very creative group that has gotten recognition for our novel programs around do
appreciate your consideration of the legislation in us today to continue changes to our city's local business enterprise ordinance to increase contracting opportunities for so-called certified puc lbe, which are small businesses located within our regional water service area, but outside of the boundaries of san francisco. the puc lbe program was created in 2006 to allow small business that operate within our puc water service area to compete for work on the water system improvement program; as know the wisp program has two-thirds of costs being paid by regional water customers of the sfpuc and so the thinking in 2006 it was appropriate for those communities that pay for our water systems improvement to also yield the local economic benefits that are certified puc lbe contracting program can provide. since the wisp program is nearing completion, but the sfpuc has additional projects within the water service area that are not part of wisp construction, the changes in this legislation would allow puc it to continue to support the small businesses by expanding the program to other areas in the r
was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco a
as city people and taxi riders. >> especially the insurance part. >> especially the insurance part. it worries me to have people getting into these cars with people they have no idea who they are. >> i would second the request on the inspectors. i think one of the sort of promises we made in the industry about raising all this revenue is that we at least use some portion of it for enforcement. you know, i don't know what mr. heely is referring to, but i think rather than speculate who is blocking what, if we can have a report on where we are with hiring enforcement officers, that might be the way to go. >> thank you, director reiskin. [speaker not understood]. >> the consent calendar, these items are considered to be routine and will be acting upon by a single roll call vote unless a member of the public or member of the board wishes to discuss an item separately. mr. chairman, no member of the public has asked that an item be severed, sought matter -- consent calendar is in your hand. >> any member of the board -- in that case consent calendar is there a motion. >> motion to appro
will it ake to put the city oo sound 3 pbell ii heee withhsome solutions, jeef.... 3 -3 3 right now, the city is facing 3 deficit..... and according to city consultants, that will billion dollars in the next &pdecade if thh city oeen't change its course..- he mmyor delivered the news yesterray when she releassd a grim forecast of the city's financial future. pith the highest taxes in the pttte....always seem toobe broke? the mayor blamee &pheallhhcare and pension costs 3 tonight, sme critics are blamiig city leaderssfor &pcrrating a pension rogram which....they cannot fund. -33 3 2:19:48would put so much eephasisson retirement - benefits, when you doostatic workkorce." & tonight attten, 33&p tonight at ten, we'll pake a hard look at the siie offcity governmmnt. the city may be shrinking....but is youu overnment ssrrnking too....:? jjff abell, foo p5, ews at five. 3 a... judge ...has dismissed a lawsuit... & over the mmyyr's lan... to install a phone systtmm.. for baltimore city eeployees. empl
-ashbury neighborhood in 1984. >> this is a case that haunts the san francisco police department and the city of san francisco. >> reporter: today police revealed new details about wayne jackson. police say he fits the physical description of the man collins was last seen talking to. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to the dog that the suspect was seen to have. >> reporter: at the time, eyewitnesses and a consense search of jackson's house failed to conclusively tie him to the case. jackson had five different identities, and a history of kidnapping, lewd acts, and sexual assaults against boys in canada, and one at fisherman's wharf in the years before collins disappeared. cold case investigators said they developed new leads, prompting a search of jackson's old house. that turned up to be animal bones. >> what he we're looking for is anybody that saw this guy back in 1984, anybody that talked to this guy back in 1984. >> reporter: police say they talked to jackson's roommate. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> ktvu sat down this morning with collins mother. >> when w
, was on city infrastructure. other government considered 19 percent and of that 97 percent was on canada post boxes like they are the drop boxes that the mail carriers use for picking up their mail to deliver. they are being phased out, though, so again within the next year or so, those boxes are going to be phased out in edmonton so we'll see if it makes a change in graffiti results. but it also assists us in terms of how we approach them. so we take this information to canada post and basically say, get rid of the gray boxes. so, conclusions. edmonton's method for auditing graffiti vandalism is unbiased and effective as far as we've been able to determine. we use the results to work with the edmonton police service to determine our other services. the graffiti index and intensity index allow for specific locations within the neighborhood. we found we had significant results over the first year, in terms of the decrease 42.7 percent and while we have leveled off this year, we are confident that by analyzing the neighborhood data we will be able to make strong changes to our programs to
that the city was going to buy them. he never explained why they were going to change. and then more recently it has come out that the vendor is supposed to buy them, but the city is giving the money to the vendor to do that. and a lot of the dispute that is now going on has to do with the disposition of these boring machines. somehow it was suggested that the pagoda palace on palace street which has been an eyesore for sometime was the right site to take the machines out since there was considerable objection to taking them out at union square. and the city was forced -- the subway was forced to do some research into it and we were offered five options at a meeting back in november. and they had been studied and there was a vote towards the end of the meeting, a show of hands. more than half of the people present voted that they wanted the machines extracted in chinatown. subsequently research has shown that that was the initial plan all along to extract them in chinatown. but somehow it was decided it would disturb the community. the city decided to take them out, 7 blocks further. i'm here
in place. the city has no comprehensive strategy for serving those who by choice or circumstance live in residential hotels.esro collaboratives, reduce this report which-- i met sponsor legislation that will help people meant these legislations. i wonder to also say is special thanks goes to the department of building inspection chief housing inspector rosemary bosque for her great leadership, and providing technical assistance to our office.-- for her amazing work.us today addresses two key legislations. the first mandated residential hotels provide rooms with workingshared bathrooms. the cost of these requirements is little relative to the benefit that the residents will reap. it will enhance the quality of life and safety upgrades to the building. the risk of the senior suffering a broken bone from slip on the shower or a disabled person not being able to communicate with service providers are problems that will be drastically diminished with the passing of this ordinance. increasing the safety for some of our most vulnerable residents is so important but also saving the city mone
in brentwood, kron four news >> crime in the city of berkeley is up. according to the police chief. one crime rate category that has skyrocketed. is cases of rape. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the staggering year to year increase. >> reporter: in 2012. the berkeley police department says there were 39 reported rape cases. nine of those were attempted rapes. compared to 20 rapes in 2011. that's a 95-percent rise from year to year. investigations captain andy greenwood saying during a tuesday night crime report presentation to the city council. that the overwhelming majority of the rapes happened in the neighborhoods surrounding the u-c berkeley campus. where there is a dense student population. police say alcohol and or drugs were inolved in almost half of the cases. police say none of the attacks involved a stranger entering a home. and, only two involved a stranger on the street. police say the majority of the victims were raped by and acquaintance, friend, or people involved in past dating relationships. investigators here at the police department say there is no clear reason for
to our new supervisors and welcome to city hall. i would like to echo commissioner sugaya's comments to you. i'm [speaker not understood] and urban architect in the city of san francisco and i do serve with commissioner matsuda on the subcommittee of the historic preservation and planning commission for the search of replacing the commission secretary. it is from that perspective that i observe her as a broad minded, open and totally independent thinker. i see her as strategic and extremely well suited as a commissioner where it is important to think independently, yet act in concert with others. it is for those very reasons that i consider her strength remarkable and recommend you to her for reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other public comment? >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is bob amagucci. i'm the executive director of the japantown task force and a board member of the san francisco japantown foundation, on which board diane also serves. i've known diane and worked with her for many, many years and have tremendous respect for her dedication to the
to the administration of various development impact fee programs around the city. and you'll see the general fund line. this 3.8 million dollars in fiscal 13-14 does meet the mayor's budget instructions of reducing our general fund allocation by 1.5% in each of the fiscal years. moving on to the expenditure side of things, as in prior years, salary and fringe expenditures continue to be the most driving factor, and the most significant proportion this is a collaborative effort with various city county act sis such as a ta, and tpw and the department is playing a leading role. we did request funding from the capital planning committee during last fiscal year's budget process, we did receive funding and we are asking for some additional funding for our continued work on that project, similar to the payment to parks program, this will allow for the department to retain and formalize the program, conducting a program evaluation and analysis, again, last year, we requested fund, we received some and we are requesting some additional funding to continue our efforts in that project. with the street tree inve
in my community, it's the worst in the city, in the united states of my people dying, the community have changed and i don't know what happened. i used to be able to receive -- when you have in your meetings, agendas, i'm still alive, in fact, i would like to say this, i wish that you bring this back to the floor dealing with the discretionary review, you're going to have other people talking about what's happening. my daughter sent you all an invitation next week, next saturday, february 9th, i will be 80 years of age and we will be celebrating, but i ask if any of you have sent a reply, she said no, she has not gotten a reply to whether or not any of you were coming. so, i just want to say for the last 50 years, i've been coming to this body, been good and bad, but i would like to say that i hope you hear what the other people have to say because we only have three minutes to speak, that you really listen carefully to what's happening in my community and because when you rezone -- when that zone was rezoned, you only thought it was 3450 but it was 27 other blocks and within those block
on balancing the budget, reforming city pensions and working hard on economic development and job retention. he is making city government more responsive and efficient and making public safety a top priority. mayor lee is a long time public servant. prior to becoming mayor, he served as city administrator where he focused on government efficiency and measures and reforms that reduced the size and cost of government. mayor lee first began working for the city and county of san francisco in 1989 as the investigator for the city's first whistle blower program. prior to employment with the city and county of san francisco, he was the managing attorney for the asian law caucus. i first met ed in 1992 when he became the executive director for the human rights commission and we were both 16. that's two decades ago, ed. i watched him soon become the director of city purchasing and then going on to become the director of public works. i think ed is the only mayor in city history that can carry tlau on the campaign promise to fill the potholes because he actually knows how and he's the only ma
in this investigation. wjz is live at city police headquarters. investigator mike hellgren has the new information from detectives. mike? >> reporter: denise, this is a story that is nothing short of heartbreaking. there's a family tonight who has yet to bury a 15-year-old high school freshman. but there's also hope in new pictures, including one exclusive to wjz that police hope will solve this case. >> reporter: police released images showing the brutal attack on 15-year-old deon tay smith. they believe they showed the teen responsible for stabbing him to death outside the mcdonald's, outside of howard and fayette. smith was among the more than 200,000 ravens fans who daght -- gathered downtown to celebrate tuesday. wjz was this, as family members came to the teenager's home in east baltimore to comfort his mother. some wore memorial t-shirts. the victim's uncle remembers his nephew as a wonderful young man. >> i do not want to say anything or have the family do anything to jeopardize an ongoing investigation. this is a time for my family and for the baltim
city police commissioner ray kelly is going to join us. and after the show, directly after the show, he and i are going to go on the roof of this building and we're going to summon batman. only the police commissioner knows how to do. that you shine a light and then -- [laughter] as you know, kind of a funny thing happened in this year's presidential election amidst the worst economy in decades, high unemployment and a steep spiritual decline, the country chose not a self made and virtuous patriot to heal our woes -- [laughter] -- but the same foreign-born socialist tyrant who created all of our woes. [ laughter ] how did republicans lose this eminently winnable presidential race? the republican party has a serious messaging problem. >> i think our messaging has not been very strong. >> the messaging was bad. >> jon: messaging. [ laughter ] if only people knew what the republicans were about, what the republicans need is some kind of 24-hour a day seven day a week perpetual messaging refinement and distribution resource, preferly one close to the trappings of journalistic authority but
restaurant innovates it is not a member of our group. the subway and the city have suggested that by ameliorating the situation we can survive. in fact we were told by concierges who come to the meetings and people who had the san francisco cab association is that the word on the street will get out there not to head to north beach. avoid that because it is a mess. extraction means noise and dirt; disruption of businesses in north beach. it behooves this commission to include at least the possibility of leaving the tunnel boring machines under the ground by the pagoda palace. doesn't cost the city anything to consider the possibility of under the pagoda palace leaving the very equipment that really is not necessary to take out of the ground. you yourselves proved in 2008 the eir, it says that one of the possibilities approved and considered the city is to live the equipment in the ground. i was asked by the chinese community that you to testify in favor of the central subway, something that many people in the neighborhood were against. i'm still in favor of the central su
on lombard street. this is owned by the city. behind you is a large piece of something exposed. you are looking at a large class that was xextricated in a quarry about hundred years ago. this is a secretive sandstones, shales, accumulated debris. essentially it ended up piled up here. the quarry activity was so intense and they used some much at dynamite that the kind of over blasted. 10 feet of the face was left shattered. you can see the fresh colors and a pile of debris which is precariously perched on the edge of a cliff up there. it is more fresh and more recent than the rest. it stands out because there's no vegetation. there is no weathering of material. those are the kinds of things you look for. >> there are many types of slides. there is the bedrock slides which we are looking at in is a combination of a block slide and where the material is just out of balance and is falling off. rainfall pushes from the ground water and out of the cliff. as you can see, the slides artistic one of many types of landslides or slope failures. >> do we have all of these kind of failures in s
, is it under my name or i can open up a new business and call it city hall ventures. my point is that if people on multiple businesses, is assigned to the person of the business name? if so people permit history on venues that these people own? how do you do that? >>: number one all of about. sole proprietors; you own one place, family-owned businesses, llc, big corporations, hotels where management is listed. it is across the board. the bottom line is if there is a change that is substantial, changing from a biker bar to a karaoke bar, it is not a content issue. we are concerned about the new owner. how does he do things? >> commissioner borden: i am not concerned about the venue as much as saying i have a venue on van ness and another on hayes. i operate the one on van ness really poorly but the one on hayes really well. good actor/bad actor conversation. the question in conditional use how do you determine who is a good project sponsor? >>: our process is not comfortable. is long and expensive. by the end of it we know who the operators are. to the uncomfortable process a relationship is
in the state of the city address amid new polls that residents could be having a change of heart on higher taxes. now a preview of that. >> the mayor will build his state of the city address around a word that normally no one wants to hear, taxes. tonight, the mayor 8 call on community leaders to organize a campaign for city seals tax -- sales tax to restore money to city workers who took cuts. residents are willing to pay new taxes with 70 percent support for a .25 sales tax increase and 57 percent for half a cent sales tax increase. the earliest this would be on the ballot is next year. folks here in san jose have voted four times to aprove sales tax increases since the mayor has taken office back in 2007 and it is not clear if another will fly. we will find out tonight when the mayor makes his state of the city address tonight. >> right now we have breaking news to tell you about in southern california. three police officers have been shot, two in riverside and one in corona. this is over riverside where the police department says an officer was killed. reports say the shootings could b
'd like to see employment programs, particularly those that are funded by the city to do more in terms of hiring veterans, and not just your recent veterans from iraq and afghanistan. but veterans period because when i came here in 1981, i was a homeless veteran for a short period of time. but i did get a chance to go to work. and i feel as though since i served the military active duty, honorably discharged, i shouldn't have to go [speaker not understood]. i should have been able to get work through an employment program. whether it be private, and particularly if it's a public funded program such as city build and [speaker not understood]. my other issue is that if you work for the city and you did not join the service in san francisco, you cannot take advantage of the city contracting you for your active duty military years. well, i served and fought right along with san francisco marines and i would like to see that changed. i'm probably the only veteran in the city to say that, but i'm saying that because it not only serves up the veteran right that served on active duty, but it a
, filthy and moldy and a target of a city attorney lawsuit. we are live in san francisco where we return to the apartment to if anything has changed. rob? >> reporter: julie, the san francisco attorney has filed a lawsuit against the landlord of this building on church street. at building we told you about last month where tenants are living in conditions they called disgusting. >> deplorable. deplorable. >> reporter: that is how the city attorney describes 308 church street where eunice renfro to $1200 a month. three weeks ago ... i'd saw showers that did not drain, rotting pipes and mold, lots of mold. that is why the city is suing the landlord for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> we had every intention of ensuring that the property owner complied with the law and bring this building up to code. >> i have [indiscernible] [indiscernible] by admitting that i want to also corrected. >> reporter: the landlord said [indiscernible] needs improvement but the hallway was cleaner and freshly painted. >> i'm trying to replace shower curtains and shower doors. >> subtenants notice
is since we started wrapping them into the motion themselves, city attorney's determined we didn't need a separate item for them because they're wrapped into the c motion and so there is sufficient notice in that respect. >> okay. >> commissioner antonini? >> one other thing that i will bring up more when the projects are before us but i do make reference to it now, it's on rtc91 which is a rendering of 801 brannan in the comments and responses and the design is quite a bit different than what is going to be before us, however, i have reason to believe that the massing is the same and that's what really we are considering when we're considering impacts under eir, but i will bring that up because the design that's before us in the final project appears different than at least the facades are considerably different than what is present on what is in rc91 of comments and responses and i don't see any problem with that as long as there is no change in massing. >> yes, that's correct, although this was updated in november, 2012. there may have been some design refinements but they don't affe
that at that -- especially at that time when it appeared unclear about whether the city was going to appropriate the full amount of the public education enrichment fund that in the district materials that would be transmitted to the city, the mayor and the board of supervisors and the other city officials, that we would specify that -- we would make some sort of a statement that we would -- we expect full funding or appropriation from the city for 13-14 -- i actually haven't shared with this chris and kathy and part of that why is so because in the mayor's state of the city address yesterday he remarked about his intention to fully fund the public education enrichment fund and specified the amounts of funding that would be associated with the appropriation for 13-14 and i confirmed with the mayor's budget director one-on-one just to make sure we were crystal clear about the intention. that that was the right interpretation and she confirmed it was so and we could share that information with our board members and stakeholders which is why you all received the email that you did this morning from dr. crawf
building in the city for aesthetics. a lot has to do with the rich green color imparted by the framing, very close to the glass. i'm not saying that staff says you need a lighter color to blend in with the other buildings. that may be a case made for that. making sure it is a rich enough color is important. to can work with the project sponsor on that, make it a graceful building, don't trick it up too much. i am totally in support of this one. >> commissioner moore: in august we spent a lot of time discussing this buidling; the basic support ha s not changedit happened 13 weeks before the voters decided to support prop c and that is a much more important thing to focus on because there is a shift which put this building particularly because of its timing on the calendar of this commission very much within the sphere of influence of prop c. you can stand in line right at the right time even when rules change. the concern about future projects coming forward and not looking at the conditions which surround the approval including other things that have changed, requirements of th
knocked down a house fire off mckendry street in the city's rose garden area this morning. the home was vacant. it took an hour to put it out. the residents near dana avenue. no injuries. investigators looking for the cause. >>> 6:03. it's been a while since we had to grab an umbrella but apparently we do today. >> and i a jacket. it's going to be cold. showers showing up around the bay area. our kpix 5 high-def doppler radar, picking up on scattered showers most of it in the north bay but you can see the line spreading further to the south. we have had reports of showers into santa rosa. you can speckled showers elsewhere with you but that's sliding south throughout the day today. if you haven't had rain hold on. it may be in your neighborhood soon. not a strong cold front but there is a lot of cold air with this system sliding by so we get on the back side. very cold temperatures in the bay area. 2500 feet snow level tonight and tomorrow. today 30s, 50s and 40s. it will be cool. you will need the jacket and umbrella in the afternoon. let's
salt lake city, where the mormon church sponsors 99% of local scout troops. parents there, scouting leaders say, overwhelmingly oppose a change. >> and we want to best reflect the feelings of the institutions here locally that sponsor scouting and we need time to put that together. >> reporter: now both sides are hoping that time is on their side. pete williams, nbc news, washington. >>> and we turn now to weather in the news. a lot of folks on the east coast, especially in new england, are all riled up for the potential arrival of a big snow-making weather system. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is with us tonight. jim, what's on the way? >> yeah, hey, brian. this on the 35th anniversary of the famous blizzard of '78 which pretty much shut down boston. right now boston under a blizzard watch. i expect others to follow. portland, southern new hampshire, even parts of connecticut i think as confidence grows in the forecast. in play thursday, chicago and atlanta. we will have issues there, obviously, at the airports. by 5:30 friday morning, this model says, hey, it will be s
in its tracks. scenting passengers flying. no walker in the city with a look at the small metal bolts that stop the cable car. >> reporter: that accident happened feet from where i him standing. those cars that are parked are there for routine maintenance. i asked while they purveyor. denver parks they are because of a cable car accident earlier today. the streets of san francisco are a picture postcard but nowhere you've ever see that or hear this. >> the people were crashing into each other. i heard a scream. >> reporter: a cable car accident injured ten people at the the car hit a boat launched into the tracks. >> it stopped the car did. we lost one person. >> reporter: three people got medical treat it and to operators went to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. a fire department spokeswoman said one of the patients went cold free. explaining the man was elderly. tonight the police investigations team are looking into how the bolt got onto the track and why the car suddenly stopped. the accident shut down the city's two busy at the cable lines. cable cars sat empt
is a good thing, if we have residents moving into this area, especially many of them coming into the city from out of the area, you know, probably takes jobs in the high-tech sector, they're probably going to have cars with thel, whether or not they use them to commute on a daily basis is one thing, we're wondering where these cars will be parked. we don't have available street parking for the small businesses and the customers that are there right now, so we are concerned that there will be parking issues as a result of this construction. a lot of our clients in that area are designers, they come from all over northern california, they have to drive there so we're concerned that will put further stress on the businesses in the area and finally, pdr zoning, 1 henry adams street sets a precedent of the pdr zoning in that area, with select buildings in the area, with zinga and now the 1 henry adams street project, they have been given approval for mixed use and office occupancy, we urge the planning commission to reconsider further relaxing the restrictive pdr zoning for the adjacent proper
reasonable in terms of the price of space especially in our city, but just the impact it will have on just challenging budgets and going into it next year with a higher amount when fundraising happens. usually they're budgeting for the upcoming year like we often do, so i just worry they're not prepared to take on an extra amount at this time and i am wondering what the reaction has been. >> well, we wanted to let them know as early as possible, so they could plan their budgets. we had planned to let them know in december but we weren't able to make that. i have actually personally reached out to every affected charter school and had the discussion. they do want to make sure that we have a firm legal basis for the amount we determined, and we will share that with them, and before that as far back as a year ago when we made the preliminary offers for this year we made it clear it was 95 cents, but we were going to recalculate it and we would let them know what it would be, and we have had several conversations over the year about the fact that would be coming. >> can i just ask one more q
news let fore a program honoring officers who also served in the military. oakland city council agreed to hire bratton as a consultant for the police department. >> in san diego, a navy official confirms that naval base is on lockdown. two sources tell us they do not believe this is connected to the christopher dorner case. we will monitor the situation as it develops. and now, the mayor of san antonio is joining forces to combat drug violence meeting with law enforcement officials and state senators who will announce a proposal for new gun control laws in california, including legislation to close loopholes in current firearm regulations. >> vallejo police are looking for two gunman who shot three people in a home invasion this morning. it happened at scene where amy is with an update on the victims and the search for the armed men. >> the motive is the question. police say nothing inside this home indicates why this home was chosen, they say maybe it is the location. it is on the corner so one fewer neighbor to worry about. across the street, a busy street, an escape route. they hop
of the public safety committee. and it is an ongoing discussion about crime trends, city-wide and so we will make a point of in future meetings when this issue is discussed this will be the beginning of the meeting so that we have some context for the things that we are talking about. again we want to thank the police department for being here, commander? >> thank you, supervisor, if you allow me a few minutes to get the powerpoint up. so the crime trends that i have and i will present you with statistics and broken down by police dikts. some of these i discussed already in the earlier with robberies but over all, if you look at the city wide crime statistics for this, period which runs from december 23rd to january 19th, there is an increase in robberies, compared the year to date statistics from 2013 to 2012, again, there is a ten percent increase in robberies, and also, if you look in the property crimes there is an increase as well. this was the holiday season and during the holiday season, you had the individuals who leave their goods in the vehicles. and due to the invaoes. moving
in the city of carona this morning. the officers were on special assignment to provide security for police officials who were mentioned in dorner's manifesto. the officers were following dorner in their patrol car when they say he got out of his pickup truck and opened fir with a rifle. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: in the city of torrence police who were protecting a person named in his manifesto mistakenly shot and wounded several people who were in a pickup truck officers believed was dorner's. dorner is also suspected of shooting and killing a college basketball coach and her fiance in a parki garage on sunday night. his badge and id were found near the airport in san diego this morning. edward lawrence for cbs news, riverside, california. >> he released an online grievance against the l.a. police department. he said he was fired his reputation ruined for reporting an incident of police brutality. he said, "i have exhausted all available means of obtaining my name back. this is my last resor
is serving for car theft in charles county. city prosecutors said they had nothing to do with it. >> are learning a baltimore city circuit court judge has dismissed the lawsuit by baltimore controller over the plan to install new phone system and it is an update to the story the i-team has been falling. accusing the mayor of subverting the bidding process. >> bankruptcy may be the only option for the city of baltimore 10 years down the road if officials do not make some major cuts and reforms. that is part of a city ordered to report what it says. the forecast was published by public financial management, inc.. if the city continues its spending trend it will be more than $2 billion in the hole. $745 million includes a budget deficit, failing infrastructure as well as health care and pension benefits accounts for $1.30 billion of the potential shortfall. >> if we act now we cabn teens the trajectory. >> the mayor highlights of your key themes for cuts including identifying strategies to align recurring revenues, reducing property and income taxes, addressing infrastructure, and a
in the city in the metro area that is going to transition over to rain. and that is looking like the messy mix will linger longer north and west and those counties that are in the winter weather advisory that sue showed you will probably stay in that messy mix. right now, it looks like everything is going to be light and this is going to end as some light snow and this is going to end as accumulating snow around here. this is a big question mark this snowstorm. when it begins to taper off tomorrow evening, how much in the way of potential accumulating snow are we going to get in the metro area in i don't think we can answer that yet. going okay. this is the storm system tomorrow night at 11:00. the storm is raging just off of new jersey and cape may. that is heavy snow for new york, beginning with the thunder snow into providence and boston, and you see that yellow precipitation there, just south of boston, that is the thunderstorm speed into this cold air and that is where we think the bull's eye of the two or three feet of snow by saturday will be falling up there into new england and defini
-baltimore dottcom slash raw news 3 & 3 new information onight on a city omptroller joaa pratt has een tossed by a city judge.. - the uit was he moss reccnt salvo in a fight between pratt and the ayor......over how to system.. the lawsuit asked a juuge to force the city to -3 accept áherá ppanntt overhaull the phonn ystemm.....which -3 was approved aftee a competitve biddinn proccss. p..bbt the mayor ejected that plan last summmr ...and since -33 phen......has yet to offer her own plann 3 the arylann staae police are planninn tootake delivery of 11 new state of the art helicooters this month they come with a efty ppice pnvestigation shows there was a much cheaper alternative proposed to state officials ttat woull have saved taxpayers milllons of ollarr.. 3 -3 3&p it's a 130 million taxpayer purchase that has peen mbroileddin contorversy 12 oon to be delivered aw139 helicoptees.....asssgned to the state policee fox 5 learned thh statt wantssto fly the helicopters ith one pilot 37:56((lvejoy) "it's perffctly safe to ly this aiicraf
salesman problem. >> yes, he is. >> the idea being you're given a certain number of cities and you want to travel -- starting from one city, you want to travel to all the cities, getting back to where you started in the most economical fashion. now, if there are a small number of cities, the analysis is not difficult. so if charlie only had three cities, okay, there are only two possibilities: either he goes clockwise from where he is or he goes counterclockwise. >> so each route has a cost as well. >> each route has a cost. but now if we add a city to that, okay, his two choices... >> oh, i see, it's starting to grow. >> go to six, okay? if we add another city... >> okay, it's getting worse. >> it goes from 6 to 24. >> i'm seeing a pattern here. is there one, in fact? >> oh, there absolutely is. if we jump to 10 cities, there are now over 350,000 possible organizations to his route. >> and that factorial number is coming in here again, isn't it? >> exactly, so 10 cities gives us 9-factorial possible routes. >> okay, 9 x 8 x 7 and so on. okay. >> if we jump to 25 cities... >> okay, that
of a teen girl from suisun city. she fairfield park. kron 4's charles clifford >> reporter: speaking to the press thursday afternoon, the fairfield police department declined to say whether or not they had identified a suspect in genelle conway-allen's murder. police chief walter tibbet said that they wanted to be very carefull about what information was released publicly while police didn't release any signifigant new details about this week old case they did say they were analyzing surviellance video from the area near where genelle was last seen. they believe this picture taken last thurday afternoon is the last known image of the girl. here body was found the following morning. >> we are asking anybody who has seen the body or her... before it happened, to contact the police. >> reporter: whit park, a small memorial continues to grow and neighbors remain sadened by what happened. >> she was just a girl, she was just starting her life. >> reporter: the family of genelle conway-allen also released a statement today saying, "this has been a devastating tragedy for our family and ou
. >> people would live in the bay area's largest city are having a change of heart for the taxes. arrest cornell bernard tells us from san jose as the mayor is ready for the state of the city address. cornell? >> normally it is a word no one wants to hear but the mayor will make it a big part of the state of the city address. the word is "taxes." the mayor says the city needs a sales tax increase and will call on community leaders to organize a campaign to support police and fire services and restore pay for workers who had to take cuts to balance the budget. a poll suggests that voters could be willing to do that. there is 70 percent support if a quarter percent sales increase but 57 percent for half a percent increase. the earliest it would be on the battle is next year, the 5th sales tax measure voters have approved since the mayor took office in 2007. the state of the city address is underway at 6:30 right here at city hall. >> fairfield police are asking for your help in finding the killer of a 13-year-old girl. the guardi
, was caught on one of the city security cameras. >> it shows the attack. it does not show it in clarity. it does show the attack. we pulled up the best images we could to give to your guys. >> police pulled these three images. the suspect is wearing a purple long sleeved shirt and a white hat. police have determined that smith and the suspect knew each other. >> we believe they had some sort of a prior dispute. we just do not know what it was about. >> he came up to colorado several times to visit me. >> where smith's mother was staying, his uncle was speaking for the family. his mother, too shaken up to speak with 11 news, as was his stepfather who was wearing this t-shirt in memory of his stepson. the family is still trying to make sense of the situation and is leaving it in investigators hands. >> i do not want to say anything to jeopardize an ongoing investigation. this is a difficult time for my family and the baltimore police department. >> investigators are reaching out to the public tonight, because there were so many people in that area along howard st.. investigators are askin
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